Doesn’t This Thing Go Any Faster?

As a proud captain of a furious ocean crosser, you might want to show off a little bit. You might want to see your friends grab their chairs a little tighter when you speed up. Maybe you want them to feel just a tiny bit of fear. In any case, there is nothing worse than bragging about the speed of your boat, when you hear one of your companions ask you the dreaded question. ‘Doesn’t this thing go any faster’, you hear him say. Well, it used to go so fast, but nowadays, its absolute speed seems to be a thing of the past.

The reasons behind your loss of speed

Chances are, your feeling might be correct. There are reasons behind your loss of speed. If you skipped nautical antifouling even once, the excess weight might have slowed your vessel down. Nautical antifouling is important because it will get rid of everything that you do not want on your boat. Everything that starts growing on the surface of the boat could slow it down significantly. If the extra weight is not there, the ship will go as fast as it once did, when it was brand new and shiny. So, nautical antifouling is essential if you want your boat to be fast.

Speed or Savings

If you are less worried about speed and more worried about your savings, make sure you find yourself a fuel flow meter boat. A fuel flow meter boat will grant you access to the best possible speed when it comes to saving a few bucks. Your beauty will still be (relatively) fast, but also kind to your wallet. With a fuel flow meter boat, you will be able to brag to your friend, but will not be stuck with a never-ending gas bill.