Not your ordinary vacation

Some people prefer to spend their vacation in hotel rooms or on the beach somewhere, but for many, adrenaline activities are much more attractive. If you’re among the latter, one of the best choices you can make is to visit the Soca Valley in Slovenia, especially Bovec. The offer of various activities here is really impressive, but it’s the environment that will convince you to stay even longer than you planned – the Soca Valley tops the experiences of adrenaline activities with picturesque scenery, ideal for unforgettable vacation.

Still, the priority are the activities. These too are not ordinary here. Among the most impressive options in Bovec, white water rafting might be the one for you. Bovec white water rafting is like no other, with amazing rapids and drops guiding the rafters through the scenic valley and past the little settlements on the river banks. Trustworthy agencies and experienced guides create a safe, but exhilarating experience that will stand out in the collection of your memories from Bovec. White water rafting is one of the most popular choices, which means the offer is well developed and adjustable.

Want to try something unique instead of the most popular options? Try canyoning – Soca offers several options for this activity as well. Canyoning Soca is done in the canyons of streams and tributaries, often quite remote and primal, which makes for a unique experience. It’s as much exploration as a guided tour, even though canyoning is just as well guided and expertly organized by local tourist agencies. Give it a shot – even for canyoning, Soca will provide amazing scenery and quite impressive natural courses. Be prepared for climbs, drops, waterfalls, even natural toboggans and other unique features that make canyoning so thrilling. What’s more, you can take a pick of many different options to tailor the experience to your wishes!