Tourism in Bovec

Bovec is one of the most commonly visited places in Slovenia. It is full of wonderful nature and the perfect place for any sports lover. Tourism is its most profitable activity, providing business to local bars, restaurants and hotels. In addition to good food and fine wine, tourists can pick among numerous different activities. Hiking and sightseeing are certainly great options as hikers have the opportunities to see many wonders of nature including beautiful waterfalls and outdoor museums. During the winter, many of the visitors of Bovec decide to go skiing or sledging in any of the nearby ski slopes. Making use of the diverse environment, it is tempting to try rock climbing, bike riding or even camping out in the woods.

The Wonders of Soca River

Especially famous is the beautiful Soca river that runs through Bovec. Its turquoise colour awes anyone that looks at it. The beautiful clearness invites any visitors in activities that take place in the water. It is perfect for boating and canyoning. Soca also provides opportunities for adrenaline sports such as rafting and or paddling a kayak. Bovec is particularly known for its wide variety of water sports. Especially for canyoning, Soca is considered to be the best place in Slovenia, but is also believed to be very suitable for those who love to be in a kayak, Bovec advertisers claim. It also provides a perfect opportunity for fishing and very short sessions of swimming, because it is very cold. So, whenever you are in town, view the waterfalls, be amazed by the river, go rock climbing or bike riding. Besides canyoning, Soca will also give you a chance to go spend a day in a kayak. Bovec has it all! Make sure you book a long vacation because you will need a lot of time to get through all of these adventures.