Visit Bovec for thrill and entertainment

Vacations in a pristine natural environment can be relaxing and peaceful. Imagine spending your time in a picturesque Alpine valley with a river and mountains all around – this might be exactly what you need to recharge during your time off work. Bovec might suit the description, but there’s much more to it – even though the town is situated in the heart of a pristine natural environment, it offers a lot of thrilling and entertaining adventures!

The main attraction of this part of Slovenia is the Soca River, which enables all kinds of activities on the water, mainly rafting. Bovec, Soca flowing right past it, is the perfect starting point for these activities. Even though the most popular choice is rafting, Bovec, Soca, and other features of the land enable many other options for adventure. One other activity worth mentioning is canyoning – Bovec offers thrilling canyoning tours through narrow canyons of the streams and springs flowing toward the Soca River. There are many options to choose from, if you’re into adrenaline canyoning, Bovec has multiple agencies that offer guided tours of differing difficulties and durations. If you want to stay on the river itself, there’s also a lot more to choose from, not just rafting. Bovec, Soca, and the tourism providers here enable you to pick and choose your own adventure. Maybe that’s kayaking, maybe hydrospeed, or you can just stay with rafting or canyoning. Bovec will provide the perfect experience for you!

There are other options of entertainment as well. Check for music festivals, culinary offer, day trips, and other entertaining events going on throughout the summer. Maybe go paragliding or stay on land and conquer the mountains surrounding the town. There’s so much to do that you will not be bored even if you stay for weeks!